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September 2015 Archives

Parenting agreements outline all things related to child custody

When you go through a divorce, you have to divide up your assets and your liabilities. If you have children, you have to decide how you and your ex will share the children. While this process can be more difficult than deciding who gets the house and the car, it is possible for most parents to work together to come up with a parenting agreement that puts the child's interests first.

Don't get stuck with all debts and no assets in your divorce

Going through a divorce is something that can easily try your patience. While you might be ready to be done with your ex for good, if you have property together, you have to deal with that ex so that you can divide the property. The good news is that there are options that you have for doing this that might make the whole property division process easier.

Tennessee judge refuses to allow straight couple to divorce

While much has been made about same-sex divorce after the Supreme Court made the landmark ruling that same-sex marriage would be legal in all states, it's also having some unanticipated effects on straight couples. One such example occurred in Tennessee just a couple of weeks ago when one judge refused to allow a straight couple to divorce.

What is a qualified domestic relations order in a divorce?

If you or your spouse have retirement accounts and are going through a divorce, you might consider the possibility of seeking a qualified domestic relations order. A QDRO outlines how retirement accounts are going to be distributed, even if the distribution will occur in the future.

Various issues must be considered during the divorce process

Deciding to file for a divorce is an emotional decision. As we discussed last week, women file for divorce more often than men. Oftentimes, the decision to file for a divorce comes only after the couple has tried everything they can to salvage the marriage.

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