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October 2015 Archives

Focus on your needs as you embark on the process of divorce

No matter how much you expect that your marriage is ending, there is often a big emotional upheaval when the time comes to file for divorce. That emotional upheaval is often greater if the divorce was unexpected. Anyone who is going through a divorce should make sure that they take the proper actions to ensure that their emotional health remains intact throughout the divorce.

Custodial parent relocation isn't always easy

When you have a child and aren't in a relationship with the child's other parent, making certain life decisions means that you have to look at the child custody and visitation issues that might come up with the decision. One such decision is when the custodial parent is considering a move away from the area. In that case, the non-custodial parent might choose to try to stop the child from moving.

Modifying a parenting plan in Tennessee can be difficult

When you are working on a parenting plan as part of your divorce, it is vital that you ensure the plan you agree to is one that you can live with. There seems to be a misconception that often comes up during these cases that involves one parent thinking that they will be able to have the agreement changed later. In some cases, getting a parenting plan changed can be a complicated matter.

Do unmarried fathers have automatic custody rights?

Many people go into custody disputes informed only on the basis of anecdotes from friends and family, and this can lead to a bit of a shock when they find out that Tennessee's custody guidelines are not what they first thought. Custody can get particularly challenging to navigate in cases where the parents were never married.

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