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May 2016 Archives

How can I make summer visitation less stressful?

Now that the school year is nearing an end, parents are going to have to start making summer plans for their children. For the children who have parents who aren't in a relationship any longer, the summer months can actually be more stressful than the school year because of issues with child custody and visitation. Parents should try to lessen the stress of the summer schedule.

Know the property types before trying to divide property

Going through a divorce in Tennessee means that you will have to divide property based on what is fair and equitable. Tennessee doesn't handle property division based on a 50-50 split. In addition to trying to determine what is fair and equitable, we will have to determine what property falls under which classification. There are two classifications for property during the property division process -- nonmarital property and marital property.

Be ready for whatever pops up in a child custody case

Child custody matters greatly affect everyone involved. The most important thing that all parents must consider when there is a child custody issue looming is that the child's needs must be considered. It is easy for parents to fall into the realm of thinking that they have the best and most effective answer to the child custody matter. If that occurs, that parent might not be willing to consider other options. That frame of mind can often lead to a tumultuous child custody battle that causes the child stress.

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