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Divorcing a narcissist isn't an easy journey

A person who is a narcissist won't accept that label. Instead, they are so focused on themselves that they think everyone is against them and that everyone's motivation for behaviors relate to them. When you're going through a divorce with a narcissist, these attitudes that they have can make things more difficult on you at the end of your marriage.

A narcissist has to feel as though they are in control. They will portray themselves as a victim in just about every situation so that they can try to get people to feel sorry for them, allowing them to manipulate the behavior of others around them. This can work against you during the negotiation process for property division and child custody.

Some individuals who are divorcing a narcissist won't entertain the idea of mediation. They understand the manipulation that goes into making decisions with a narcissist. When the person is so self-centered, it is impossible to get them to see what is best for both parties. This can be especially dangerous during the child custody process because the narcissist won't think about the children. Everything has to be about them and how certain arrangements affect them.

If you are divorcing a narcissist, it is best to have a plan going into the situation. Stick to your plan. Don't let your ex dictate what you were going to do or how you're going to handle certain situations.

Make sure that you document every discussion that you have with your ex so that you can show exactly what was being said or done. It might behoove you to only communicate through written forms, such as email and text, so that there is physical proof of decisions and comments that are made.

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