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Passive aggressive behavior makes child custody difficult

Dealing with a passive-aggressive ex makes a child custody issue challenging. Instead of being able to just tackle issues related to the kids, you have to go in circles about the matters for a while. This can make the situation more tenser than it has to be. Both parents need to think about their actions when they are in this type of situation.

There are a few markers that signal passive-aggressiveness is present. You have to think about whether you are employing any of these methods because there is a chance that you are contributing to the situation.

Procrastination is a common method that these individuals utilize. It is a way to control a situation without having to be confrontational about it. Child custody decisions are often time-sensitive. By putting off making decisions, there is a chance that they can get their way by just waiting long enough before talking to the other party about their decision.

Sometimes, passive-aggressive people claim they can't do something when the truth is that they just won't do it. This is common during the parenting plan compromise process. Both parents need to be flexible and think about the child's best interests. Instead of doing this, the person might shut down and refuse to even discuss matters that they don't want to handle.

The silent treatment is another tactic that you might come across. Instead of just trying to make choices when they come up, your ex might completely ignore you. They won't answer the phone or respond to messages.

Ultimately, the kids are the ones who suffer when parents are being passive-aggressive. They don't have the positive relationship role model they need, and they might feel like a burden when things drag on forever.

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