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Child custody matters are difficult but you must resolve them

We discussed some of the factors that play a part in child custody cases in one of our recent blog posts. Of all of these factors, the most important is determining what is in the child's best interests. This is something that must be considered for each child in a case. If you have more than one child, each child must be considered individually.

Child custody cases are based on several factors

Child custody cases that go before a judge are often difficult for the parents. These cases put your child's future into someone else's hands. For the parents who have to go through this process, it can be very hard to think about what might happen. This is one of those times when the more you know, the better you might feel comes into the picture.

The cost of raising a child is very high

The cost of raising a child is considerable. Each year, the United States Department of Agriculture issues a report about what parents can expect to pay to raise a child. Taking a look into the figures noted in this report makes it really easy to see why it is imperative for parents to pay child support for a child when it is ordered by the court.

Keep your child at the center of the custody negotiations

Malicious mother syndrome was the subject of our recent blog post. While no parent ever wants to think that their child's other parent would sabotage their child's life in that manner, it is sometimes the reality of the situation. This is one reason why it is so important for parents who are divorcing or splitting up to have a child custody agreement that puts your child first.

Always put your child first in custody matters

All decisions that have to be made in a child custody case are important. These decisions will impact your children's lives from now until the day they become adults. This is the reason why every decision you make must be carefully considered. We can help you to determine what you need to think about as you consider each choice you have.

Check for holiday schedules well in advance of the holidays

The holidays are times of the year that children usually look forward to. For children who have divorced or separated parents, the holidays can be an especially stressful time. These parents can take steps to ensure that their child doesn't have to suffer through a stressful holiday season.

Same-sex divorce and custody case draws in legislator involvement

Same-sex marriages continue to be an area of contention for legal purposes. Some states, including Tennessee, have yet to finalize the laws that pertain to same-sex marriages, divorces and child custody matters. Recently, it came to light that 53 state legislators, all Republicans, have joined forces with the Family Action Council of Tennessee to try to jump in the middle of a legal battle between a same-sex divorcing couple.

How are special needs children affected by divorce?

Every child custody case is difficult for the parents and the child. When the child has special needs, there is an extra layer of difficulty that is added to the already trying situation. One area that can be challenging when a child has special needs is the education decisions for the child.

Child custody helps to give your child stability

Child custody matters are often the most difficult aspect of getting a divorce. You know that your child's other parent also needs to have contact with the child, but you don't enjoy the thought of being away from your child on a regular basis. That can make it tough to keep an open mind about the child custody arrangements when you are trying to work with your ex to come up with a custody agreement.

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