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Same-sex divorce and custody case draws in legislator involvement

Same-sex marriages continue to be an area of contention for legal purposes. Some states, including Tennessee, have yet to finalize the laws that pertain to same-sex marriages, divorces and child custody matters. Recently, it came to light that 53 state legislators, all Republicans, have joined forces with the Family Action Council of Tennessee to try to jump in the middle of a legal battle between a same-sex divorcing couple.

How are special needs children affected by divorce?

Every child custody case is difficult for the parents and the child. When the child has special needs, there is an extra layer of difficulty that is added to the already trying situation. One area that can be challenging when a child has special needs is the education decisions for the child.

Child custody helps to give your child stability

Child custody matters are often the most difficult aspect of getting a divorce. You know that your child's other parent also needs to have contact with the child, but you don't enjoy the thought of being away from your child on a regular basis. That can make it tough to keep an open mind about the child custody arrangements when you are trying to work with your ex to come up with a custody agreement.

Judge in same-sex divorce case rules woman has no parental rights

A Tennessee judge has issued a ruling in a same-sex divorce case involving custody of the two women's daughter that is garnering national attention. The couple were legally married in Washington D.C. in 2014 before moving to Tennessee and establishing their residence there. The couple decided to use artificial insemination via an anonymous sperm donor to get pregnant with their first child. One of the women gave birth to the child in January 2015.

Major life changes might necessitate custody modifications

Child custody agreements are meant to govern how parents handle common issues that come up with raising a child when they are no longer in a relationship. The custody agreement puts the child's best interests first. It shouldn't come as a surprise that as the child grows or as major changes occur, the child custody agreement might need to be changed. A change to a child custody agreement is called a child custody modification. We can help you to determine if the circumstances in your life warrant a child custody modification. If they do, we can help you learn about getting the modification you need.

How can I make summer visitation less stressful?

Now that the school year is nearing an end, parents are going to have to start making summer plans for their children. For the children who have parents who aren't in a relationship any longer, the summer months can actually be more stressful than the school year because of issues with child custody and visitation. Parents should try to lessen the stress of the summer schedule.

Be ready for whatever pops up in a child custody case

Child custody matters greatly affect everyone involved. The most important thing that all parents must consider when there is a child custody issue looming is that the child's needs must be considered. It is easy for parents to fall into the realm of thinking that they have the best and most effective answer to the child custody matter. If that occurs, that parent might not be willing to consider other options. That frame of mind can often lead to a tumultuous child custody battle that causes the child stress.

Employer reporting can help with child support cases

New hire reporting is one way that the state can keep track of non-custodial parents who start a new job. Anytime a person starts a new job, the employer has to report the new employee through the Tennessee New Hire Reporting Program. There are several benefits of this system that everyone should realize.

Child custody can often be worked out with compromise

Child custody cases are some of the most difficult to deal with during a divorce. Even if you aren't divorcing, the child custody matters can be a source of trouble. When it comes to your child, you only want what you think is best for your child. This often becomes a stance that you are unwilling to compromise on. We know that your child's happiness and health are the most important things to you. We can help you learn about the options you have when it comes to child custody.

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