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Holidays are important for kids in divorces

Holidays are supposed to be happy times, filled with light and laughter and the joys of the season of giving that for most comes only once a year. Unfortunately, for many children whose parents are separated, the stress of divorce and its consequences can render holidays very unhappy for many kids. Recognizing that and taking steps to deal with it is important for the lives of the kids.

When custody exchanges aren't working out

Sharing custody of your children is one of the hardest parts of the divorce process for many people. Parents often wonder if their children are OK, well taken care of or upset when they are visiting with the other parent. The transition from house to house can also be challenging for the child. However, one of the hardest parts of this process is the actual custody exchange.

Do unmarried fathers have automatic custody rights?

Many people go into custody disputes informed only on the basis of anecdotes from friends and family, and this can lead to a bit of a shock when they find out that Tennessee's custody guidelines are not what they first thought. Custody can get particularly challenging to navigate in cases where the parents were never married.

Parenting agreements outline all things related to child custody

When you go through a divorce, you have to divide up your assets and your liabilities. If you have children, you have to decide how you and your ex will share the children. While this process can be more difficult than deciding who gets the house and the car, it is possible for most parents to work together to come up with a parenting agreement that puts the child's interests first.

Rutherford makes public statement after latest ruling

Now that actress Kelly Rutherford was forced to return her children to Monaco and continue her quest to have the children permanently relocated to the United States, she has continued to give many interviews and public statements on the case. These have included publicly refusing to send the children back to Monaco, accusing the children's father of parental alienation and giving interviews calling the court's ruling "shocking" and "illegal."

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