The Most Important Steps You Need To Take After Your DUI Arrest

Being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving is a stressful, scary event for nearly anyone. Being charged with DUI is even more sobering — and for good reason. Your driving privileges, your freedom and your future may hang in the balance after a DUI arrest. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones in Bartlett can provide the advice and representation you need if you have been arrested in Tennessee. You can also help yourself. Following are some important things to do or not do after a DUI arrest:

  1. If you believe you are drunk, do not agree to a breath test or blood test. (This advice may be too late, but we can help you even if you made the wrong decision).
  2. Avoid jail or get out of jail as a first priority. With lawyer Jeffrey Jones at work on your case, he can begin gathering key evidence right away, while also taking action to keep you out of jail if at all possible.
  3. Get the videotape of your police stop and arrest promptly. Rather, let your attorney do his job by subpoenaing video footage and gathering other key pieces of evidence. He will then be ready to go to work reviewing and analyzing video evidence. This information may prove vital to your case outcome. Police mistakes may result in your case being thrown out, regardless of the results of your breath, blood or urine test.
  4. Get your car back as soon as possible. If the police confiscated your car or seized other personal property, The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones can take steps to help you recover what belongs to you.
  5. Devise strategies to minimize damage to your job and personal life. Bartlett defense attorney Jeffrey Jones regularly handles high-profile criminal defense cases. He is skilled at reputation damage control.

Tennessee lawyer Jeffrey Jones works hard for clients and for the community at large. He is a recipient of the Memphis Bar Association's Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year Award.

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