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Negotiations might help you to divorce faster

Almost everyone who is going through a divorce is ready to get the situation over with so that they can move on with life. Whether you have someone new in your life or not, you probably just want to be done with your ex. There is a way that you might be able to get the divorce finalized in a faster manner.

If you and your ex can agree on the property division and all other matters that pertain to your divorce, you might be able to avoid a divorce trial. This is almost always a faster option than having to wait for a spot on the docket to let the court decide the terms of the divorce.

Know what Tennessee laws apply to divorce cases

When you are ready to legally end your marriage, you need to learn about what laws will apply to the divorce. Tennessee laws have some very specific points that you should know if you are going to file here.

The residency requirements for filing here are pretty interesting. There are some cases when no residency requirement is applicable. In other cases, it is necessary for the person to have lived in the state for six months to a year prior to filing the divorce. If you have concerns about whether you meet the residency requirement or if there is even one applicable in your case, find this out before you take the time to file.

Alimony payments aren't automatic, you must negotiate

We recently discussed how you need to think about a few points if you are going to try to get alimony as part of your divorce. Typically, alimony isn't something that is required in a divorce, so you must be ready to fight for this support if you think you need it.

We know that nothing about your divorce is easy. Alimony is just one more thing that you have to worry about. We can't promise you that the outcome of the alimony petition is going to be what you want it to be, but we can fight for you to get the payments that you deserve.

Discover a few important points about alimony

When you are going through a divorce, especially if you were a stay-at-home spouse, you might be worried about how you are going to make ends meet now. While it might not be appealing to have to rely on your ex now, it may be exactly what has to happen.

You may need to seek alimony in your case. This spousal support isn't something that occurs automatically. Your case has to meet certain criteria and you have to petition the court for it if you want to receive it. You have to remember that under the court order for spousal support payments is finalized, you shouldn't count on receiving the financial support payments.

Child custody decisions have to be made for the children

Your child is your priority. He or she is also your ex's priority. Now, you and your ex have to work together to figure out a plan for how your child can build a meaningful relationship with both parents since you will no longer be living in the same home. This is an aspect of divorce that many parents find difficult to handle.

We understand that you might want to just take care of your child on your own and forget that your ex ever existed. Unfortunately, this isn't likely to happen so you should mentally prepare for having to work with your ex for as long as your children are minors.

Know how domestic violence might impact a divorce

Domestic violence is something that nobody thinks will occur when they embark upon a new relationship. While arguments are bound to happen at some point in a relationship, things might go south if the argument gets a bit out of hand. If you are involved in a divorce that is the result of domestic violence, there are a few things that you need to know.

One thing that is important for you to remember is that you might have to deal with some child custody issues if you have children with your ex. This is because the court can consider the incidence of domestic violence when deciding how to handle child custody matters.

Domestic violence might not be noticeable but it is very serious

Domestic violence often makes headlines when a victim is pummeled beyond recognition or when the victim is killed. The media doesn't tend to cover cases that don't involve horrible disfigurement or serious injuries. The fact of the matter is that all domestic violence cases should be taken seriously, even when there aren't any outward signs that the abuse is occurring.

Many victims of domestic violence endure long-term abuse that can run the gamut from physical abuse to sexual abuse to emotional abuse. All of these can have negative impacts on the victim's life, and the children who have to witness the events can also suffer from damage.

Recognize the need for a prenuptial agreement

Before you get married, you need to take a few minutes to think about your future. Of course, you hope that your impending marriage will be a happily-ever-after story. But, what if it isn't? What if your marriage doesn't work out? Where will you be?

If you are going into the marriage with some assets of your own, you might consider asking your future spouse for a prenuptial agreement. This agreement can actually include clauses that help to protect you and your partner in the event the marriage doesn't work out.

Working together to resolve child custody matters

Your children are accustomed to having both parents in the same home. When you and the other parent call it quits, your children have to get used to having parents who live in separate homes. This isn't always easy, but you and your ex can make things work if you are willing to put your child first.

One thing that you have to think about when you are in the middle of a child custody issue is how the tension is impacting your child. In almost all cases, getting the matter resolved quickly is best for the child. This is where mediation comes into the picture.

Asset division isn't always clear cut in a divorce

There are many things that you have to think about when you are going through a divorce. Each decision you make has the potential to affect your life in profound ways. The property division process is one that you must think carefully about. We can help you evaluate the options that you have for dealing with this process.

When you are trying to divide up property, you can't think solely about how much the property is worth. You also have to think about what the property is going to cost you over time. For example, you might want the marital home, but if the mortgage is upside down or the home needs renovations, bypassing it might be the best thing for you.

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