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How is marital property divided in Tennessee?

When a couple goes through a divorce, not only do they need to separate themselves emotionally from the marriage, but they also need to separate all financial assets. After being married for many years, it's common for couples to be very financially intertwined, and they may not have a clear view of how they can divide assets fairly.

There are laws on how property should be divided at divorce, but every state is different. Therefore, if you are getting divorced in Tennessee, you must make sure that you have a clear understanding of Tennessee marital property law.

Signs that your marriage might be headed toward divorce

Being married means constantly working to strengthen and improve the relationship; however, there sometimes comes a point when you know that the union is over. You know that there isn't any hope for turning things around. Once you come to that realization, you will likely determine that a divorce is in order.

There are some signs that you can watch for that signal that the relationship is deteriorating to the point that all hope is lost. If you catch these early, you might be able to save the marriage if you want to.

You aren't done with your ex after divorce if you share kids

Going through a divorce comes with a lot of challenges. You have to ensure that you aren't falling for the common misconceptions that some people hold as truths when they go through a divorce and have children with their ex. Remembering that these aren't true might help you as you work through these matters.

One of the most common things that come up in these cases is that people think they will be done with their ex when they divorce. If you share kids, you won't be finished with your ex until the kids are grown and flown. Until then, you have to be ready to work with your ex on matters related to the offspring.

Help your children learn a new routine after your divorce

Going through a divorce is a challenging situation for everyone involved. You have a lot to think about when you're in this position. One of these is how to best support your children when they are trying to adjust to the new way of life. There are several things that you can do that might make the situation worse, so be sure to try to avoid these.

First, set the standards immediately when you are establishing a new routine. It is tempting to overindulge them, but this sets up expectations that aren't realistic. Instead of letting them get away with behavior you don't plan on allowing and trying to spend money on making them happy, show them love by providing consistency.

Take care of yourself when you are divorcing

Divorce is a time of extreme stress for many people. You can't let the demands of the process overshadow your need to care for yourself. Letting basic self-care fall by the wayside is a bad example for your children, and it can lead to you making less than desirable decisions about things like child custody and property division.

You have to ensure that you are getting ample exercise when your marriage ends. This can help your mind to function properly while you are trying to make decisions. It can also help you learn to think positively because exercise releases endorphins. It also helps with the production of serotonin, which boosts your ability to feel calmer.

Different ways to use children as messengers after divorce

When you share children with a person, you aren't going to be done with that person until the children are adults. Even then, you might still have to communicate with them. One thing that you shouldn't ever fall into the habit of doing is using the children as messengers between the adults in the situation.

Many parents try to send messages to the other parent through the children, but this is a recipe for disaster in many ways. First, the message might not be relayed in the intended manner. It might become skewed because the child doesn't repeat it as stated. Your child might also feel like they are stuck in the middle of a conflict if they are giving messages back and forth.

Fighting for custody? Watch those holiday Facebook posts!

The holiday season is filled with a lot of seasonal delights, including holiday parties and the chance to unwind and forget about your divorce for a few minutes.

However, the holiday season can also be a little bit perilous to your case if the wrong thing happens to find its way to social media and casts you in a bad light. You can bet that -- no matter how carefully you try to restrict access to your Facebook page or screen your posts elsewhere -- the other party in your dispute will try to scour your social media pages for "evidence" that can be used against you in court

Supervised visits with children can be challenging

Visitation with a parent isn't an easy event for the children. Oftentimes, they don't want to have to leave the visit because they don't want to have to walk away from their parent. If your child is supposed to have visits with one of their parents, the child's support system can do a lot to help them adjust to the situation.

The visits might take place away from home, such as a special room if they are supervised. This can also be difficult FOR the children because they don't have a familiar place that's comfortable for them. Discussing the location and the purpose of the visit ahead of time can make things a bit easier.

Create holiday traditions with your kids after divorce

The holiday season is here, and this can present a challenge for people who have recently divorced. If you have children, they are likely looking to you to find out what's going to happen for the holidays. The good news is that now is the time that you can create the traditions that can serve you and your kids for many years to come.

Before you make any plans for the holiday, find out when the children will be with you. This information is in your child custody agreement, so read it carefully. You can then find things to do with them while they are with you. Remember, you can still celebrate holidays with them even if they aren't with you on the actual day.

Parenting marriages might address a complex situation

Feeling like you are stuck in a marriage isn't ever a good thing. Instead, you have to think about what you want in life and how you can achieve your goals. One thing that some parents are doing now is moving the focus of their relationship from intimacy to child-rearing. By focusing on the kids, you might find that your home life becomes more manageable.

Moving toward a parenting-only relationship isn't usually thought of as a normal progression option, but it is one that might be beneficial to your situation. This type of arrangement means that the children still have both parents at home. There are two incomes in the home, as long as both adults are working.

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