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How does parallel parenting work?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Child Custody, Divorce

There is no such thing as an easy divorce. Some cases could be more manageable if the divorcing couple is on good terms, allowing them to compromise and collaborate concerning their child’s upbringing. Other times, the parties can have severely contradicting views, causing extensive conflicts or disputes that can harm family relationships.

High-conflict divorces can be especially painful for the child when the issues get out of control, affecting parent-child interactions. To keep these tendencies in check, the parents can agree to disagree and adopt a co-parenting alternative, parallel parenting, to address conflicts objectively while minimizing harm to their child.

What does parallel parenting involve?

This approach has distinct variations compared with traditional co-parenting, including the following practices:

  • The parents have minimal interaction, conversing only if necessary for significant concerns.
  • The parties pre-determine how they will communicate if needed, usually through texting or emailing.
  • Parents have no interactions when dropping off or picking up the child.
  • The parent with the child will be responsible for making daily decisions.
  • Create a formal arrangement indicating all schedules and rules for all child-related matters.

Taking these measures means there is no need for constant conversation between parents. Additionally, they could involve their attorneys to help craft and document the setup.

Addressing the family’s needs appropriately

Parents can hold strong feelings regarding their child’s best interests. These emotionally charged scenarios are usually prone to disputes, but they often stem from genuine care from both parents. When there are conflicts involving these matters, legal guidance could be beneficial. Valuable counsel and insight can help learn about appropriate options to meet the family’s needs. It may seem too much, but taking this route may help minimize the fallout from the divorce.

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