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Feeling overwhelmed by a legal issue is normal. Whether you are faced with a family law matter, a criminal defense case, a personal injury or work injury, the attorneys at The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones are here for you. We will do everything we can to make this easier for you, while putting our decades of experience to work to get results that matter to you.

Attorney Jeffrey Jones has been providing legal services to people throughout Shelby County since 1977. Known to many as an astute personal injury and family law attorney, Mr. Jones is an accomplished criminal defense attorney who regularly handles high-profile cases that often involve controlling damaging media coverage.

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At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones, we guide our clients through the legal process hand in hand. With our care, your case will be handled with discretion, risks will be mitigated, and your best possible outcome will be achieved. By working closely with you as we pursue resolutions to your legal issues, we gain a full understanding of your best interests, and you receive the resources necessary to make informed decisions.

We handle trials in county, state and federal courts, and we also handle civil and criminal court of appeals cases. We have experience appealing verdicts on a variety of grounds and are often referred cases from other attorneys in the Memphis and West Tennessee areas.

Apart from Mr. Jones’ skills and reputation in cases involving contentious litigation, he is well-known for his signature cowboy boots. Other lawyers and judges recognize his superior medical knowledge (gained as a former licensed pharmacist), which comes in handy for clients with personal injury and criminal law cases.

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Attorney Jeffrey Jones is held in high regard among peers, clients and judges throughout the Memphis area.

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Notable Cases

Case Results of a Trial Specialist

Fraud Case

Suspect in ID fraud goes free on bond: One of five suspects in a drivers license

Murder Case

Day care worker charged with murder for leaving child on day care van

Drug Case

Interstate transportation of 1kg of cocaine

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