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Family Law Strategy That Supports Your Future

Family law (domestic) issues are best resolved with the guidance of an attorney with a proven track record in family law cases. The intensity of emotions that stoke the fires in any family law dispute inhibits individuals from making rational decisions on their own. Dedicated legal counsel is a must.

Protecting your future and your children (if children are involved) requires practical defense and planning. Your future also depends on the confidence of your lawyer at trial. Most disputes can be resolved through mediation, but if the other side senses your weaknesses, it will exploit them for maximum gain.

However, not all family law matters must be contentious. We strive to resolve matters outside of court, which not only eases tension between parties but is also more cost-effective for you.

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Family law attorneys handle a wide range of legal issues, but fewer than 5 percent are specialists, as is attorney Jeffrey Jones.

We faithfully serve our clients in the following areas:

The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones is not a volume-focused law firm. We are client-focused. Personalized legal counsel and representation are critical to your long-term satisfaction, and that is what we care about most.

Please feel free to stop in to discuss what problems you are facing with one of our friendly attorneys in Bartlett.

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