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Who Covers Lost Wages And Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

You will most likely have bills that come due while your car accident claim is pending. Such bills can be quite high, and it is tempting to take an initial settlement offer from an insurance company to pay down debts, especially when you are not able to work and earn income.

However, if you accept the insurance company’s offer, which may be far less than you deserve to recover, you will be giving up your right to take any further legal action in pursuit of the full and fair compensation you deserve. If the money runs out before all your bills are paid, you will not be able to go back for more.

You have more coverage options than the insurance company would like you to know about. At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones, we can help you secure maximum compensation so you do not have to worry about the money running out before your bills are paid.

Securing Compensation for Lost Wages and Medical Bills

With a lawyer from our law firm as your advocate, you do not need to be concerned. We have been handling car wreck claims like yours for people in Bartlett and West Tennessee since 1977. We will keep bill collectors at bay while we work to secure compensation for lost wages and medical expenses.

In addition to pursuing compensation via the negligent driver’s insurance coverage, we will also look at the following as appropriate:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance
    The minimum amount of UM/UIM insurance licensed drivers are required to carry in Tennessee is $25,000. If your injury costs and losses exceed this amount, additional sources may be available, including:
    • Med-Pay insurance
      Your Med-Pay coverage is available to reimburse you for medical expenses whether you were driving your own car, driving someone else’s car, biking or walking.
    • Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance
      PIP is not required in Tennessee, but if you have coverage, it pays benefits for lost wages and medical expenses suffered by you and your passengers, including funeral costs.
    • Health insurance
      Once all other sources have been exhausted, health insurance coverage may be available for covering medical expenses.

We will negotiate bills on your behalf, help you manage expenses and ensure that bills do not affect your credit while we work to maximize compensation in your personal injury lawsuit.

How To Calculate Compensation For Medical Bills And Lost Wages

Calculating compensation in a car crash claim is not as simple as adding up the medical bills. In fact, one of the reasons that victims get taken advantage of is because they assume this to be the case. In reality, car crash victims are usually entitled to much more than the sum of their current medical bills.

First of all, you may need continued care for the injuries you suffered. Your compensation should cover ongoing physical therapy and future surgeries, if necessary, among other future medical costs.

Similarly, your compensation should not only cover the wages you have already lost, but any future wages you will lose because of your injuries. What if you cannot return to the same job because of your injuries? What if you will not be able to work again? All of this must be taken into account.

Further, you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced. This is a non-economic damage that is complex to calculate. Our experience means we will not let this go overlooked.

Attorney Jeffrey H. Jones with over 35 years of experience. He will personally build your case and provide you with individualized service throughout the course of your case.

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