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Adoption With Confidence In Tennessee

At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones, we help people complete stepparent and grandparent adoptions in Shelby County and the surrounding areas. Adoption can be a difficult and lengthy process. It is important to retain the services of an adoption attorney from the outset, considering the complex process and its many critical steps.

We will help you navigate the Tennessee courts, and we will ensure that you meet all deadlines and filing requirements.

We will personally guide you through every step and advise you on all related legal issues. We take on the screening for suitability and locating of missing biological parents for our clients. Additionally, we bring about the termination of parental rights (TPR) of the biological parent, which clears the way for stepparent adoption when a biological parent is out of the picture or unfit to parent.

What Will You Need To Do To Formalize Adoption?

The Tennessee courts are most interested in the stability of your family situation and your fitness as a parent. Adopting parents must have a stable family life and a solid marriage.

The court will always err on the side of the best interests of the child, and a child over the age of 14 must express his or her preference for adoption before the legal process can be completed.

Attorney Jeffrey H. Jones has been serving clients in family law for over 35 years. Your goals and the best interests of the child and your family can be achieved with thorough preparation and strong representation.

Let’s Talk About Your Family Building Plans

Please call our office in Bartlett at +1-901-410-5751 to schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers. We offer weekday, evening and weekend appointments, and we also welcome online inquiries.

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