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Choose Your Divorce Attorney Carefully

A divorce is a pivotal event in the life of an individual, a couple and a family. The outcome of the divorce will have a long-lasting impact on personal finances, family dynamics and parent-child relationships. As you prepare to go through a Tennessee divorce, you may rely on friends, family and counselors for personal and practical support. This is natural. Legal counsel is also vitally important.

Your divorce lawyer will, in fact, be a very important ally. It is important to choose him or her carefully. Many residents of western Tennessee have found an attorney they could trust at The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones. Past clients, fellow attorneys and community members have characterized Jeffrey H. Jones as “revered among the Bartlett legal community.” His 35-plus years of service in this region have resulted in a strong reputation. Consider some of the advantages other clients have discovered when working with him and the law firm:

  • Accessibility: Our services are accessible seven days a week. Many area residents have found the attention and advocacy they needed after contacting us online walking in and setting up a prompt, personalized consultation at their convenience.
  • A personable nature: Whether you are looking for a doctor, a remodeling specialist for your home or a divorce attorney, good rapport can go a long way as you pursue critical goals.
  • Location: People in this area often dread the idea of driving to parts of a big city they are uncomfortable in. Our law office location attracts many who value a peaceful, safe environment.
  • Referrals: Word of mouth has always been a powerful driver of business for The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones.
  • Reputation: Churches, community organizations and members of the public at large vouch for the integrity of Jeffrey H. Jones and our family law firm.
  • Results: Divorce is almost never a win-win situation. Each spouse gives up some of what was once part of a life together. Experienced and empathetic, Tennessee family law attorney Jeffrey Jones is prepared to help you pursue effectively the outcomes in property division, child custody, child support and spousal support that matter most to you.

Consult With A Lawyer For Protection And Clarity

Please give us a call at 901-410-5751 or toll free at +1-800-863-2561 to schedule a meeting, or contact us online. We understand your interest in hiring a divorce attorney who will meet your expectations. A face-to-face initial consultation is an important first step in the process of moving forward with confidence.

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