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Top-Tier Defense Can Be Pivotal to Your Drug Crime Case

An experienced drug crimes defense attorney can often get you freed from drug charges, get the charges reduced or get you into a treatment program instead of prison. Your No. 1 priority should be staying out of jail. With an aggressive case against you and without a lawyer, your chances are slim.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones in Bartlett, we defend people accused of drug crimes throughout the Memphis metro area and western Tennessee. Attorney JJeffrey Jones has over 35 years of experience and is widely known for his aggressive and skilled work in drug crime defense.

The sooner you contact our law firm, the more options you will have for a successful defense. The law requires that police officers and investigators stop asking you questions once you request an attorney. We can get to work for you immediately.

We Will Defend You Against Any State Or Federal Drug Charge

Our cases include defense of clients facing drug crime charges such as the following:

  • Possession of cocaine, methamphetamine (meth), marijuana, crack, ice, glass, unauthorized prescription drugs, Lortab or any controlled substance
  • Distribution, sale, trafficking — being a “mule” or a financier
  • Drug manufacture and cultivation — meth labs, marijuana cultivation and crack manufacture
  • Forged prescriptions, also known as “walking scripts”
  • Civil forfeiture, in which vehicles or money are seized
  • Federal drug trafficking charges, including federal grand jury proceedings

Tennessee Has One of the Biggest Drug Seizure Points in the United States

Act now if law enforcement officers seized your personal property after stopping you to search for illegal drugs. We can work to reclaim your car or money after being seized following a drug checkpoint stop on I-40 or anywhere else.

We can investigate the arrest to determine if the police had probable cause to pull over your vehicle and file a motion to suppress evidence, if appropriate.

What Drug Charges Are Felonies?

Felony offenses depend on the nature of the charges as well as the type and amount of controlled substance involved.

In Tennessee, state-level felony drug charges include:

  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Sale or delivery of a controlled substance
  • Felony possession
  • Possession with intent

At the federal level, felony drug charges include:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing and cultivation
  • Transporting controlled substances across state lines
  • Transporting drugs through the U.S. postal service
  • Felony possession

You can turn to us for a skilled defense against state or federal felony drug charges.

Did The Police Have The Right To Search My Car Or Home For Drugs?

You have a Fourth Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution to be free from unreasonable searches or seizures. That means the police cannot search your car, home, person or belongings without either a warrant or under special circumstances. For example:

  • To conduct a traffic stop – which is how many drug charges start – law enforcement must have a reasonable articulable suspicion that you’re violating the law (including traffic laws)
  • To search your car, police must have probable cause to believe you have drugs
  • To conduct a pat down, the police must have a reasonable suspicion that you’re armed and dangerous or that you are committing a crime
  • To search your home, police almost always need a warrant

Every situation is different, so it’s important to talk with a knowledgeable defense lawyer about your unique circumstances. If police didn’t have grounds to conduct a search or seizure in your case, a lawyer can identify that and make a strong argument for getting the charges dropped.

Is Drug Treatment An Alternative Punishment?

Potentially, yes. Tennessee’s Recovery Courts provide an alternative to incarceration for people struggling with substance abuse disorders. We can evaluate whether you qualify for these programs.

Get A Drug Crime Defense Lawyer On Your Side Early

We will protect your rights, analyze your case, and immediately begin working to keep you out of jail or minimize your punishment.

If you have been charged with one of the more minor drug crimes, it is possible that you will not have to spend a day in jail or have the charge put on your record. In recent years, Tennessee has become more enlightened as to the need to provide drug treatment instead of prison.

Many drug offenses can be resolved quietly outside of court with savvy legal representation. If your case has any unusual aspects that must be tried in court, we can aggressively defend you in any Tennessee court.

Protect Your Freedom And Future After A Drug Bust

All conversations are 100% confidential. We handle your case discreetly and professionally. Please call our office at +1-901-410-5751 to speak with a lawyer, or contact us online.

We are responsive days, nights and on weekends. Let us hear from you.

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