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Preparation For Grand Jury Proceedings

By the time they indict, the authorities typically have a comprehensive case against the accused. It is therefore vital to get representation from an experienced defense attorney as soon as you realize you are a target of an investigation or receive a subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury.

Few criminal defense attorneys in West Tennessee can boast of the experience in federal grand jury proceedings that attorney Jeffrey H. Jones possesses. He has defended many clients facing consequential federal criminal charges.

Many of the high-profile cases that we handle involve controlling damaging media coverage and vigorously protecting our clients’ reputations.

Understand The Grand Jury Process

Grand juries are groups of citizens charged with deciding whether a person should be charged with an offense. Federal grand juries are typically empaneled for high-profile investigations, such as drug possession, drug trafficking, white collar crimes and computer sex crimes.

Though a lawyer cannot go with you into the grand jury room to speak on your behalf, your lawyer can have a tremendous effect on reducing the chance of an indictment.

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones, we can:

  • Discover the nature of the investigation and determine whether you are the target of investigation or a witness
  • Negotiate with federal authorities about the investigation, the production of evidence, and perhaps make a deal or plea bargain that precludes indictment
  • Counsel and advise you before the grand jury proceedings, during recesses and after your testimony
  • Perform our own independent investigation into the alleged crimes

People are indicted too often for crimes other than the original incident that spurred the investigation, but because of how they dealt with federal investigators, even the savviest individuals can find themselves charged with perjury or lying to federal authorities.

Securing an experienced attorney immediately can protect you from such a fate.

Proven Representation For Defendants Facing Grand Jury Investigations

Call our firm immediately at 901-410-5751 or toll-free at +1-800-863-2561 for assistance. We are also responsive to online contact. We look forward to speaking with you. All communications are 100% confidential.

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