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Defense After False Allegations Of Domestic Violence Or Sex Crimes

Domestic violence is a prime example of a “he said, she said” situation leading to police involvement, in many cases. The same is true of sex crime allegations. Granted, there are glaring exceptions, such as certain high-profile family violence and sexual assault cases that end up on the front pages of newspapers.

Falsely Accused Of Family Violence?

For most people, however, domestic violence incidents amount to relationship upsets and anger control problems. Once the police are involved in a domestic matter, it is no longer private. An arrest and jail time for someone is likely. What if you were falsely accused of domestic violence? You may totally deny having hurt your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend during an argument. You may deny having made criminal threats. Even if your partner has recanted the accusations, your need for a strong defense remains true.

Contact The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones in Bartlett if you have been falsely accused of violence or threats against your domestic partner or family member.

Did He Or She Claim You Committed A Sex Crime?

False accusations of sex crimes sometimes involve consensual sexual relations when either partner regrets those acts. Some may result from genuine misunderstandings. Other falsified allegations may come from questionable motives related to a divorce or child custody dispute.

Whatever circumstances led to false accusations against you, contact an attorney right away. In the words of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), a false report of sexual assault is one for which “the evidence establishes that no crime was committed or attempted.” (IACP National Law Enforcement Policy Center, 2005, pp. 12-13; cited in a report from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Enola, Pennsylvania).

A lawyer on your side can help demonstrate that you did not commit or attempt a crime in a situation that led to false accusations against you of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse or indecent exposure.

Choose An Experienced Litigator To Defend You

Attorney Jeffrey Jones has proven his ability as an accomplished criminal defense attorney to help many Tennessee residents who have been accused of crimes such as assault and battery, domestic violence and sexual assault. He is prepared to go to work right away to keep you out of jail and help you recover access to your home and your children, if necessary, despite any false accusations. He has strategies to apply in your case to help you protect your reputation and even your job. If you have child custody concerns, he can help protect your right to parenting time.

If you have been arrested, he is ready to help you get your charges discharged if possible.

Mitigate Any Damage To Your Life After Harmful Criminal Allegations Of Domestic Violence Or Rape

What if the allegations against you are not completely false and you need help to get your life back on track? Do not try to be your own lawyer in a criminal case. Let an experienced defense attorney protect your rights and freedom through all the legal processes ahead of you.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones offers daytime, evening and weekend appointments. We invite you to call +1-901-410-5751. You may also submit a request online to speak with lawyer Jeffrey Jones about your family law or criminal matter.

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