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Protect Your Rights When Charged With Domestic Violence

You need to consult an experienced defense lawyer before you do anything else. Anything you say to police officers can be used against your case, but they are required by law to stop asking questions once you request to speak with a lawyer. The key is to keep your mouth shut in the heat of what is likely an extremely emotional situation.

Do not apologize or try to make any excuses before you have spoken to a criminal defense lawyer.

Domestic abuse or spousal abuse is a criminal offense that can have severe consequences on the rest of your life. Domestic violence charges are treated very seriously in the Tennessee criminal justice system.

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones, we understand that allegations can stem from disagreements about money, child safety, separation and divorce. Sometimes domestic violence charges lead to a petition for divorce. In such cases, it is helpful to choose an attorney who handles both criminal and family law cases.

Look For Experience And Advocacy You Can Depend On

We will fight to keep you out of jail and aggressively protect your rights, including parental rights, property rights and gun rights — all of which are immediately in jeopardy.

Our Bartlett-based law firm represents clients throughout West Tennessee, and we are well-known throughout the Memphis metro area. Attorney Jeffrey H. Jones knows how to mitigate the consequences you face.

What Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges Might Apply In Your Case?

Just getting arrested does not mean you are guilty. When police officers are called to a domestic disturbance scene, they are usually obligated to remove one party from the scene. However, that does not mean you will not be charged. It is up to the district attorney to decide whether or not to charge you with a crime, even if your spouse does not want to press charges.

It is common for one spouse to accuse the other of abuse just to get an order of protection that will force the accused to stay out of the house. If we can show that your spouse has taken this drastic step, it may be easier to get the abuse charges against you dropped.

In many cases, it’s your word against the accuser’s word. Even if there were witnesses to the alleged abuse, witness credibility might be questionable.

Much of our work happens behind the scenes, rather than in court. We know what judges and prosecutors expect to see. We might be able to get the charges against you dropped without need for court hearings, and we will work to protect your reputation throughout the process.

Let A Respected Attorney Guide You

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