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Seek A Strong Defense After Accusations Of Making Criminal Threats

Accusations of criminal threats in domestic violence cases may or may not be correct interpretations of the relevant communications. If you have been charged with a crime after your spouse or family member claimed you had made criminal threats to cause harm, The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones is a valuable resource as you determine what to do next.

Any criminal matter can result in a conviction and a criminal record. A criminal record is a more severe punishment than jail time. It can follow you the rest of your life. Therefore, even if you are skeptical about the charges, you must treat your arrest as the serious matter that it is.

Did Your Case Escalate From An Argument At Home?

Every case is unique. A common scenario in a domestic violence case goes something like this: A husband and wife are engaged in a heated argument. One of them (most often the wife) calls the police and accuses the other (usually the other) of committing assault or making threats.

Whether the accusations are true or false, the next step is typically the issuing of an order of protection. The person named in the order of protection may subsequently return, trying to gain entry into the home or re-establish contact with children. In the course of the argument resulting from this encounter, the aggrieved party claims further criminal threats. And the legal downward spiral continues to make matters worse.

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones, we pride ourselves on being practical problem solvers. We work hard to advocate for our clients’ best interests. We understand the importance of short-term goals, such as regaining access to one’s personal property. We are also ready to educate clients on the long-term consequences likely to come about if there is a conviction.

Fight For Your Future With A Knowledgeable Attorney On Your Side

Attorney Jeffrey H. Jones is prepared to listen to your story and help you craft a promising defense strategy. Contact our law offices in Bartlett, Tennessee, by calling 901-410-5751 or +1-800-863-2561 toll free. You can also submit an intake form through this website. There is no need to go into detail yet. Just let us know you need to speak with a defense lawyer in person about your domestic violence matter. Consultations are available daytimes and evenings, seven days a week.

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