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Get Your Child Support Agreement Done Right

Negotiating and finalizing your child support agreement will consider several financial factors, the best interests of your children and the details of your child custody agreement. Child support plays a role in equalizing parental responsibilities, especially when there is a large income disparity between the parents and when the visitation schedule is lopsided.

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones in Bartlett, we protect your best interests. Going into child support or any type of divorce negotiation without an experienced lawyer representing your side is like walking into a lions’ den. You are unprepared, ill-equipped, unsuspecting and vulnerable.

Proven, Customized Advocacy for You and Your Children in Tennessee

Attorney Jeffrey H. Jones brings over 35 years of experience to your family law matters. Your case is in the hands of a practiced advocate when you retain our services. Our legal counsel and representation are individualized to your unique situation and the particular interests of your children.

The contribution of each parent in child custody and child support agreements is a team effort to do what is necessary and best for children. Your relationship with the other parent will not end upon divorce or separation. Your children will still depend on your combined care. For this reason, it is important to make these agreements amicably and in your children’s best interests.

Can You Modify Child Support Payments?

Yes, child support payments may be modified, and they are not meant to last forever. Modification is possible if either parent experiences a substantial change in circumstance (e.g., job loss, income reduction, health issues or remarriage), but it is not a simple process. The court will not be quick to allow modification without sufficient evidence, and the best interests of your child will still determine the extent of modification.

Our law firm also assists clients in need of child support enforcement prosecution or defense. If payment or visitation obligations are not being met, the court can take serious legal actions, including:

  • Bank account levying
  • Wage garnishment
  • Withholding federal tax refunds
  • Property seizure
  • Fines
  • Suspension of an occupational license
  • Suspension of a driver’s license
  • Imprisonment/contempt
  • Loss of certain parental rights

Consult a Reliable Attorney for Child Support Advice

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