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Rescue Your Future After Being Charged With Identity Theft

A wide variety of circumstances can result in charges of identity theft. Do you stand accused of using someone else’s Social Security number to open a bank account? Did you allegedly use someone else’s credit card without authorization, posing as that person through forgery or other means? An identity theft case such as these examples can result in charges, an arrest, a conviction and a criminal record. It is vital to your freedom and your future to take action right away and consult with a well-established defense attorney.

Jeffrey Jones of The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones has earned a strong reputation in the Bartlett, Tennessee, community. Since 1977, he has been representing people in the Memphis area.

A Respected Tennessee Defense Firm Is Here For You

The law practice has grown over the years by word of mouth. Past clients, other attorneys and judges recognize Mr. Jones’ knowledge, skill and personable way with people. He puts clients at ease and treats all with respect. Together, he and clients of the firm find and implement effective defense strategies.

Often, the key to a successful defense comes down to the basics of constitutional law. Namely, a conviction requires proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that a suspect is guilty as charged. Review the details of your case with Mr. Jones in a confidential initial consultation. Discuss your options and the tactics of defense most likely to succeed in your case.

For White Collar Crime Defense In Tennessee, Contact The Law Offices Of Jeffrey Jones

Schedule a consultation with a lawyer who is ready to commit time and effort to your defense. Call +1-901-410-5751. You are also welcome to send online inquiries through this website. We will respond promptly. Consultations are available days, nights and weekends.

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