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Protect Your Interests When Alimony Is Under Discussion

Whether you are facing divorce or separation, alimony payments may be a significant concern. Alimony (a.k.a. spousal support) is widely discussed when spouses separate, but the family law court will not determine that it is necessary in all cases. To gain a proper understanding of how alimony payments might affect your case, it is critical to consult an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Your spousal support agreement will be considered along with property division. At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones in Bartlett, Tennessee, we help each of our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of how the factors that determine alimony payments will affect their unique situations and which type(s) of alimony might be possible.

When your livelihood or standard of living is under threat, we help you gain confidence and certainty.

In Pursuit Of A Favorable Alimony Agreement

It is unlikely that either spouse will be completely satisfied with the amount of a spousal support award. Attorneys help the parties reach a compromise that each side is capable of accepting, which usually means that each side gives something up.

The four types of alimony payments that might affect your divorce or separation in Tennessee include:

  1. Alimony in solido (lump-sum alimony) — Lump-sum or monthly payments that may be awarded alone or in addition to the other types of alimony.
  2. Rehabilitative alimony — Meant to provide support for the economically disadvantaged spouse to allow her or him to become self-sufficient.
  3. Alimony in futuro (periodic alimony) — A substitute for rehabilitative alimony if economic self-sufficiency is not feasible. Modification might be made if the receiving party begins living with a third party.
  4. Transitional alimony — Payments made to help the economically disadvantaged spouse adjust to the consequences of the separation and divorce. Payments are made for a definite period of time. The court determines the duration of the transitional period.

Is Alimony Appropriate In Your Case?

We’ll answer that and many more questions concerning your divorce or separation. Please call our office at +1-901-410-5751 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers in Bartlett. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are offered for your convenience.

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