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It’s True What You Have Heard: Your Facebook Page Can Be Hazardous To Your Divorce Outcome.

Originally a communication tool developed for college students, Facebook, as we all know, has come to play a central role in many people’s online interactions. Other online social media forums, such as Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, also provide an outlet for many people to share images and thoughts with others.

Many appreciate the benefits of social interaction via Facebook and other social media sites. Friends, neighbors, fellow students, co-workers, immediate family members and extended family members regularly post private information about themselves, including:

  • Status updates about what they are doing and where they have gone
  • Photos of trips, pets, social gatherings and special outings
  • Links to news and articles of interest
  • Comments and “likes” on other people’s posted items

However, we must not forget the hazards that go along with Facebook, particularly in the period leading up to a divorce. If one or both of you has begun to date again, photos or messages posted on Facebook by either of you or anyone you associate with may have an impact on your child custody and divorce case. A trip to a casino with a new love interest, captured in photos posted on Facebook, may trigger accusations of dissipation of marital assets — possibly affecting the property division settlement in your divorce.

Forewarned is forearmed. A frank consultation about the state of your marital breakdown and the legal challenges ahead in your Tennessee divorce can arm you with strategies to mitigate or eliminate harm through online activity.

If your marriage is on the rocks and you are headed for divorce, your relationship may have already endured painful disruptions triggered by social media interactions, including reconnections with past boyfriends and girlfriends via Facebook. Other Internet activity, such as viewing of pornography or connecting with people through dating websites or the adult section of Craigslist, may have contributed to alienation leading to the breakup of your marriage.

Avoid Or Mitigate Damage Brought By Social Media Postings During Your Divorce

So what to do? How can you avoid complications that Facebook, dating websites and other Internet forums may bring into your divorce case? How might your child custody case be affected if either spouse appears in compromising photos on Facebook or elsewhere online? Discuss questions such as these with attorney Jeffrey Jones in Bartlett.

For more than 35 years, he has provided affordable, reliable counsel to members of the community facing family law matters, including divorce and child custody disputes.

Beware Of The Dangers Of Using Facebook During Divorce. Talk To An Attorney About How To Protect Yourself.

Contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones by email or by calling 901-410-5751 or toll free at +1-800-863-2561 to schedule a daytime, evening or weekend appointment with Tennessee divorce lawyer Jeffrey Jones.

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