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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury

Don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve after a personal injury. Don’t let a lack of legal knowledge stop you from getting the help that you need to make an effective claim. At The Law Office of Jeffrey Jones, you can get answers that you need to questions such as those below and others that are relevant to your case.

What is the statute of limitations in Tennessee?

State law specifies that you can bring a personal injury claim up to one year after an accident. This does not mean that you should wait that long to contact an attorney. Depending on the facts of your case, time for accident reconstruction and a thorough evaluation of your injuries and losses will be important.

I was badly hurt by a dog bite or burn injury. How can I get compensation as quickly as possible?

Some injuries take a long time to heal. Doctors may not know what your long-term prospects are until you are farther on the road to recovery. It may be important to wait and see how you are in a few weeks or months before filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Attorney Jeffrey Jones will communicate with your medical providers and help you determine the best time to file your claim.

Are pain and suffering considered injuries?

A variety of losses may be included under the umbrella term of “pain and suffering.” You may have experienced mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life and/or loss of consortium after your or your spouse’s accidental injury. These and other losses may be considered in a personal injury claim that includes a demand for compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

My close family member was severely injured and may not survive. Will this be a personal injury or wrongful death case?

First, please know that you have all our sympathy. Rest assured that attorney Jones can help you maximize all claims. Your loved one may have a personal injury case that can bring compensation to pay medical bills and more. You may also be able to bring a wrongful death claim for compensation based on the same accident.

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