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How can riders achieve motorcycle safety in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

Getting a motorcycle is usually a cheaper option compared to buying a passenger car. Moreover, going around on a motorcycle yields much quicker travel times. However, it also comes with risks especially when motorcyclists pass through highways or ride amid harsh weather conditions.

Laws promoting safety for riders

In Tennessee, there are several laws that promote safety for motorcycle riders. According to the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO), motorcyclists should do the following for their safety:

  • Always wear helmets that are compliant with the Department of Transportation.
  • Avoid lane splitting.
  • Wear eye protection unless the motorcycle has a windshield.
  • Follow the daytime use of the headlight.
  • Equip the motorcycle with a rearview mirror, muffler and footrests.
  • If there will be a passenger, they must equip the motorcycle with passenger seating and passenger footrests.

Meanwhile, the state also allows the use of an autocycle, which is a motorcycle with three wheels. The law requires autocycle riders to use helmets except when they have a “completely surrounded” autocycle.

Reminders for motorists

In addition, the THSO mentioned that motorists play a part in ensuring motorcycle safety. They should look at their mirrors and check blind spots before transferring to another lane. They must also give signals before turning or changing lanes.

Other tips include having a safe following distance of about three to four seconds and allowing motorcyclists to have a full-lane width. They must not share the lane so that motorcyclists would have enough room to maneuver.

When accidents happen

Despite the laws for road safety, motorcycle accidents still take place. If you unfortunately met an accident while on a motorcycle, you may claim damages for personal injury within one year from the date of the accident. With legal guidance, you may seek compensation for economic and noneconomic damages that could hopefully aid your recovery.

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