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Pro-golfer’s ex-wife sues his fiancee for alienation of affection

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Divorce

Mississippi is one of a handful of states that still allow people to sue others for “alienation of affection.” For a woman in Tennessee, a lawsuit against her ex-husband’s fiancee for breaking up her marriage is just one of her current legal battles.

The woman is Sherrie Daly, the former wife of pro-golfer John Daly. She was recently released from jail after her $1 million bond was reduced. That case dealt with custody; however, the woman has also faced charges for trying to use a golf club to assault an ex-boyfriend, using social media to harass women and for not taking her son to school.

The Daly’s divorce occurred in 2010, three years after John Daly allegedly met the woman who is now his fiancee. According to the lawsuit, the woman was working for Hooters when the two met and they had sexual relations in John Daly’s tour bus. The lawsuit also claims that the encounter was videotaped.

The woman has tried to get the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss the suit, but wasn’t successful. Sherrie’ parents spoke out about their daughter’s lawsuit. Her mother also believes that John’s fiancee is responsible for breaking up the marriage.

The lawsuit claims that the woman caused Sherrie emotional distress when she filed false reports with the Department of Human Services and with the police department. In addition, it says that those reports caused Sherrie’s utilities to be disconnected and interfered with her child’s education.

While this case may border on the extreme, it is important to remember that even after divorce, the legal matters may not always be over. It’s important to ensure whatever could be covered in the divorce is attended to so there is little room for legal wrangling later on. Your attorney will be able to provide more information on how your divorce process should proceed.

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