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Emotional ties can’t determine property division

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Property Division

Dividing your property after a divorce is something that can be emotional. This is especially true when items like the marital home and other sentimental assets are having to be divided. The emotional tie to these assets isn’t something that can dictate what happens in a property division case. Instead, you have to look at items from a practical and legal standpoint.

We know that breaking apart from the emotional ties to the property you accumulated during your marriage can be difficult. We are here to let you know your legal options so that you have a clear idea of what can happen during the property division process. This provides you with a starting point if you are going to be going through mediation with your ex.

Besides knowing where you stand legally, you also have to consider where you stand financially. Your finances will change after the divorce since you are going to be relying totally on your own income for everything. This might mean that you can’t handle making the mortgage payments, paying for the property taxes, and taking care of the maintenance needs of the property. You don’t want the assets that you receive in the property division process to bring you down.

We understand that having to think about how to divide assets and debts can be a bit much when you are dealing with all of the other changes that come with a divorce. You deserve a property division settlement that puts you on the best financial playing field as possible. You don’t need to end up with a low ball offer that makes your ex able to claim financial victory over you. We will fight for your rights during every aspect of your divorce.

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