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Domestic violence might not be noticeable but it is very serious

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Divorce

Domestic violence often makes headlines when a victim is pummeled beyond recognition or when the victim is killed. The media doesn’t tend to cover cases that don’t involve horrible disfigurement or serious injuries. The fact of the matter is that all domestic violence cases should be taken seriously, even when there aren’t any outward signs that the abuse is occurring.

Many victims of domestic violence endure long-term abuse that can run the gamut from physical abuse to sexual abuse to emotional abuse. All of these can have negative impacts on the victim’s life, and the children who have to witness the events can also suffer from damage.

Many cases of domestic violence aren’t noticeable from the outside. In fact, these tumultuous relationships often appear like storybook marriages from the outside. The abuser will often act very sweet to people outside of the marriage, and he or she might even treat the victim kindly in public.

The problem usually starts when the couple is behind closed doors. The abuser is likely going to speak negatively or harshly to the victim. The victim might feel worthless and helpless. The victim might feel like he or she can only rely on the abuser for life’s needs. This starts a troublesome cycle of abuse and pain.

People who are victims of domestic violence, even when there aren’t any outward marks, might opt to leave the relationship. Filing for divorce is one of the avenues these individuals might pursue. This is a hard step to take because they might fear what will happen when the abuser finds out. In some cases, the victim might need to seek out a protective order to help him or her remain safe when he or she leaves.

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