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Think about your rights and points to address in a divorce

A divorce dramatically changes your life. When your ex is the one who files, you might not have time to prepare for what is coming, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to protect your interests while you are in the midst of the divorce.

We know that you might want to know exactly what rights you have during the divorce. This is something that we can discuss with you so that we can find the unique elements of your divorce that we need to know about. This is something that can help give us an idea of how we need to handle things.

Most divorces include property division matters. For some people, this includes only minor considerations like deciding who keeps the living room furniture. In other cases, we are dealing with substantial assets like marital homes, retirement accounts, businesses and other items with considerable value. Some might even include the need for alimony payments, which aren’t automatic in Tennessee.

No matter what types of property are included in your divorce, we can help you determine what division methods might be used. From there, you and your ex can work through the mediation process to come up with a settlement. The good news here is that if you can come to an agreement, you might be able to get the divorce finalized faster.

If you have children, we also need to work on a child custody agreement. This will likely also include child support. Being prepared to address these points can help you as you go through the mediation process.


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