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Sentimental value may require creative property division methods

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Property Division

Property division isn’t usually an easy process because both parties have ties to certain items. Not only do they have to consider that, but they also have to think about how it might impact their financial future. One thing that you can’t do is to allow the sentimental value of the items to cloud your judgment as you determine what you will try to keep.

If you do have items that hold a lot of sentimental value to you, make sure that you don’t let that on to your ex. They might use it against you to try to get some of the more desirable assets. They might suddenly decide that they have a tie to that item too, which could lead to them refusing to have a settlement without it.

Even if you have an emotional attachment to an asset, you still need to ensure that it is handled properly in the property division process. You need to know the fair value of the item. This is what needs to be used in the negotiations so that you are still getting a fair settlement even if you keep the item.

Sometimes, the key to figuring out what is going to work for this process is thinking outside of the box. Creative settlements might get everyone what they want, so be sure that you consider all options before you settle on or discount any.

Remember that the property division settlement is one factor that determines how the next chapter of your life goes. If it isn’t in your best interests, you might find that you suffer greatly as you work hard to move your life forward.

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