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Supervised visits with children can be challenging

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Visitation

Visitation with a parent isn’t an easy event for the children. Oftentimes, they don’t want to have to leave the visit because they don’t want to have to walk away from their parent. If your child is supposed to have visits with one of their parents, the child’s support system can do a lot to help them adjust to the situation.

The visits might take place away from home, such as a special room if they are supervised. This can also be difficult FOR the children because they don’t have a familiar place that’s comfortable for them. Discussing the location and the purpose of the visit ahead of time can make things a bit easier.

The parent who is visiting with the children can also help by having a good attitude about the visit. Try to think of things the children will like to do so that you can set the stage for a fun visit. Even things like drawing pictures and playing board games can be bonding experiences during these visits.

It can also help if the children have someone they are familiar with to bring them to the visits and pick them up. Even if this person doesn’t stay through the visit, the kids might be comfortable knowing that they have a person they can talk to after the visit.

Supervised visits are usually court ordered for the safety of the children. The goal for most parents is to be able to have the supervision removed. By keeping visits calm and focusing on the children, you can work toward this.

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