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Separation requirements before divorce in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Divorce

Once you realize that your marriage is over, you might be ready to file a divorce petition. Before you take this step in Tennessee, you must ensure that you meet all the applicable requirements.

Most people will need to have lived in Tennessee for six months before filing. This might be waived if there were acts committed in the state that lead to divorce. The other exception is that military spouses and personnel must have lived in the state for one year prior to filing.

You don’t have to have grounds for a divorce in Tennessee. Instead, you can cite irreconcilable differences. You can also file for a no-fault divorce if you’re separated for two years and don’t have any minor children.

There are some grounds for divorce that might require less than two years of separation. One of these is if your spouse abandoned you. In that case, you can file after one year. There are also time limits for situations involving alcohol or drug abuse, an incarcerated spouse, adultery and cruelty.

Tennessee doesn’t have a waiting period for a divorce. This means that once you and your ex come to the terms of the divorce, the court can finalize it. You will have to wait for this to happen, especially if the court is very busy.

Because the terms of the divorce can have an impact on your future, you need to consider them carefully. You and your ex might not be able to come to the terms of the divorce, which means you’ll need to go through a hearing before a judge, so the court can issue the ruling.

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