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Virtual visitations can help parents spend time with their kids

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Visitation

Parents who don’t live within reasonable driving distance of their children often work to find ways to spend time with them. One option that they have is virtual visitation, which involves using technology to do things with the kids even when they can’t be there in person. These visits can be built into the parenting plan so that the parent can rest assured they will get the time with their children.

When you’re coming up with the terms of the parenting plan, be sure to think about how you can make virtual visits work for your child. One thing that might help is to outline what type of visits you’ll get. This might include using instant messaging, video chats, text messages and other similar options. Be sure to consider the child’s age and maturity level when you’re setting these terms.

You also have to think about when you’re going to have these visits. While children should have free access to both parents, it might behoove you to have a schedule outlined for times when visits will occur. Remember that these must be scheduled based on the child’s time zone if you live in different ones.

Virtual visits should be uncensored, so the child and parent can communicate openly. They should be free to do a number of things, such as reading to each other, doing homework or just discussing the day’s events. All of these terms should be included in the parenting plan, but don’t neglect to include other points like a parenting time schedule for in-person visits and similar points.

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