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Things to consider before divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Divorce

The concept of getting a divorce is a scary one at best. Even if the marriage is not working out because one party cheated or did something else that irreparably damaged the union, going through divorce is not an easy option. Tennessee residents facing divorce should consider some factors before filing.

Defining the value of property

Some of the items acquired during a marriage mean more to one party than they do to the other. For instance, if one party always wanted a boat, they may believe that the vessel carries a larger value than their partner who didn’t want it in the first place. Both parties should obtain a long-form financial statement from the court so that they can write down how valuable they believe certain assets are.

The primary residence

The primary residence is typically one of the most hotly debated items in a divorce. If you are not interested in keeping the home but your spouse wants to, it is important to note that if he or she fails to get your name off the mortgage, you will be responsible for the mortgage payments on a house you don’t live in. There are ways to combat this possibility in a divorce decree, but it is an issue that bears consideration.

The day after divorce

Every aspect of your life will change the day after your divorce goes final. No matter how long you have been married, you will have to adapt to a new normal. Think about the financial ramifications as well as the mental and emotional ones to ensure that you’re ready to take the step you’re considering.

No matter what stage of a divorce you’re in, there is nothing more important than sound legal advice. An attorney may help guide you through the process while you make some incredibly difficult decisions.

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