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Concerns for older couples who divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Divorce

Gray divorces are currently on the rise in Tennessee and other states among couples who are over the age of 50. Some people choose to divorce later in life if they no longer feel emotionally close to their spouse and have grown apart over time. Others decide to separate in their golden years due to disagreements with their financial management. Some couples plan to divorce after their children leave the home and they become empty nesters.

Why the increase in gray divorce?

Gray divorce has doubled in recent years as older adults are divorcing more frequently. Some causes of an increase in gray divorce include infidelity, addictions, retirement and financial issues. Women who obtain more financial independence may have more confidence to divorce because they can support themselves without being dependent on their spouse.

Divorces between older couples can be more complicated to navigate because there are a lot of assets attained during long-term marriages, including a business that one or both spouses may own.

Many seniors have difficulty knowing how to divide retirement or determine who will benefit from their life insurance policies. This can make it difficult to determine if spousal support is necessary.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you want to learn how to navigate a gray divorce, contact an attorney to obtain professional assistance. A legal representative may guide you through the process and help you to negotiate for the assets you want to keep. A attorney may also assist you with other matters related to property division, alimony and divorce modifications to help ensure that you have the best possible financial future when your divorce is settled.

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