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Is technology making the roads less safe?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Injuries

Driver-assist technology is becoming more popular than ever before. From automatic braking to crash alerts, modern vehicles may come with a variety of features and technologies that are meant to help prevent accidents. Despite their good intentions, in Tennessee, these technologies may actually be making the roads less safe.

Does driver technology make roads less safe?

Although it’s intended to help, driving technology may make car accidents more likely to occur. Drivers may pay less attention to the road when they have the technology. They may not understand the importance of paying attention to their driving and may rely on the driver-assist technology instead. Depending on the technology to take the place of the person’s judgment may make a motor vehicle accident more likely to occur.

In addition, a driver who does not understand the function and the purpose of the technology may use it inappropriately. Plus, the technology may break or malfunction. The driver may not realize that the technology does not work. Some of the features available today are relatively new. A driver may not be prepared for the technology or know what is happening when the technology controls the vehicle or sends an alert.

What happens when technology causes an accident?

All of these complications may increase the likelihood of an accident. A victim of an accident may have an auto accident legal claim against the driver, the manufacturer, or both parties. Legal fault depends on the actions of each party, including the vehicle manufacturer in the creation and implementation of the technology.

Driving accidents and victim rights

When a car accident occurs, it may be the result of driver-assist technology. Both the driver and the vehicle manufacturer may be legally at fault. As a car accident victim, it’s important to explore all of the possible causes of the accident.

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