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SUVs are a growing danger for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Injuries

Tennessee and other states have noticed a massive surge in the number of drivers who are opting for SUVs over traditional passenger vehicles. Known as sports utility vehicles, manufacturers have adapted designs in recent years to include a lower bumper, which is thought to reduce the threat to smaller vehicles when collisions occur. However, this type of transportation has been deemed to be more dangerous to pedestrians than cars are.

A look at the statistics

One study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety discovered that pedestrian-related accidents account for around one-fifth of all vehicle accident fatalities. As they evaluated the number of fatalities compared to the driving speed, it became overly clear that SUVs were 7% more likely to cause serious injuries to pedestrians than passenger cars. When driving between 20 and 39 miles per hour, pedestrian fatalities were 30% for SUVs compared to only 25% for passenger vehicles. When it came to higher speeds, 40 miles per hour or more, 100% of pedestrians were killed in the accidents compared to only 54% from passenger cars driving the same speed.

What is the reason why SUVs are more dangerous?

As one evaluates the differences between SUVs and cars, one of the main differences is the front end. SUVs tend to have a much taller front end that is squared off. Sedans and coupes have a lower-to-the-ground hood that is sleeker. When a pedestrian is struck by an SUV, they tend to be thrown forward. However, when struck by a passenger vehicle, they tend to roll onto the hood.

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