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PTSD could create troubles in a marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Divorce

Tennessee marriages could suffer from strain for several reasons. Financial troubles and medical conditions are among them. Psychological issues might also affect a marriage. Persons dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder may find their relationships with others suffer. Marriage counseling may work for some spouses dealing with PTSD and its impact, but divorce might be inevitable for some.

PTSD and marriages

A person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder may struggle with an anxiety disorder derived from a near-death accident, exposure to suffering and violence, or another tragic event. The person’s mood and behavior may change, leading to problems in a marriage.

Understanding spouses might attempt to accommodate a person living with PTSD. However, the individual’s behavior could lead to problems that cause severe problems in a partner’s life.

People cope with PTSD in different ways. Entering into therapy and choosing a less-stressful job could mitigate problems. Sadly, some choose to self-medicate through addictions. When one spouse abuses drugs or alcohol, a homelife could become dangerous for the partner and children.

Self-medicating may lead to gambling or shopping addictions, which could cause dire financial problems. Dragging another spouse’s economic well-being down could prove intolerable. Financial devastation may ruin lives.

The marriage runs into serious problems

Both partners might work together to save the marriage, but this is not always the case. Divorce might be unavoidable if one spouse refuses to enter counseling or take counseling seriously.

Human beings must worry about their safety, and an abusive spouse could put a partner’s life in jeopardy. Someone struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse problems might become dangerous. When that happens, living with the partner may be impossible.

Reconciliation could happen even after divorce proceedings begin. If things don’t appear to improve, moving forward with the process may be necessary.

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