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What type of divorce is right for you?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Divorce

If you are a resident of Tennessee and you want to end your marriage, you should first decide what type of divorce is right for you and your spouse. While some complex divorces end up in court, with the couple fighting over assets and support, most other cases are resolved outside of court and follow one of the common types.

Working together can bring benefits

If you can work together with your spouse to resolve divorce issues, you are able to reap some benefits. These benefits include:

  • A faster process, sometimes as short as one month
  • Discretion, since your affairs will not be discussed openly in court
  • A more affordable process
  • A more amicable process, which can be helpful if there are children involved
  • More control over your custody, support and property division agreements

Options to consider

There are some common divorce options that you should consider if you and your spouse are ready to resolve your issues and are both in agreement. These include:

  • An uncontested divorce if both of you reach an agreement to go your separate ways, including resolving any division of property issues, child custody and financial support
  • A no-fault divorce if you both agree that the divorce was no one’s fault, so you opt for irreconcilable differences or something similar
  • A simplified divorce if you have been married a short time, have no or very few marital assets and have no conflicts with each other
  • A limited divorce if you know you and your spouse will need time to work through some of the divorce issues and want the court to supervise your divorce while you reach your final agreements

It is important to note that trying to hurry the divorce process can sometimes result in agreeing to settlements that might not be fair or just. Take the time before beginning the process to learn your rights and your options.

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