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Types of juvenile crimes

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Criminal Defense

The Tennessee legal system is much like many others across the United States when it comes to adjudicating cases involving juveniles. Legislators and officials within the state legal system realize that juveniles easily have the most potential for rehabilitation into law-abiding citizens when it comes to criminal prosecution, and they have written this into the state codes regarding sentencing guidelines. The truth about crimes involving juveniles is that they commonly fall into categories of similar behavior with respect to particular types of crimes.

Criminal mischief

One of the most common categories of crimes committed by juveniles is criminal mischief. Acts such as property defacing and spray painting private and public property fall into this category, but it can include other types of willful intent damage incidents.


Another common crime for juveniles in Tennessee is theft. These criminal law violations can range from petty theft of personal property to hijacking of vehicles in some more serious cases.

Disorderly conduct

Underage individuals are known to exhibit antisocial behavior in many situations, especially when they are gathered in groups or in organized street gangs. This is a phenomenon seen more often in major cities, and it can result in some juveniles being arrested for general disorderly conduct.

Assault and battery

Another common situation for juveniles is fighting. While we are all products of our environment, many juveniles live in a situation where aggression is taught as acceptable by parents. It is not necessary for assault and battery to both occur; they can be prosecuted as separate criminal actions.

Actually, the most common of all juvenile crimes probably involves consuming alcohol before becoming of legal age. Public intoxication is clearly included in this category, but driving under the influence also is relatively common for those between the ages of 16 and 21 who already have their driver’s licenses.

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