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Suffering harm in a bike crash

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Both motorists and bicyclists sharing Tennessee roads need to emphasize safety. Bicycle crashes can be scary incidents considering the risk of severe injuries, even when the person on the bike wears the proper apparel and safety equipment. A bicyclist could get hit and hit the ground hard, suffering broken bones or even a fractured skull. Remember, a bicycle offers little or no protection, and bicyclists may experience major injuries from a seemingly minor collision. Knowing what to do after a bike crash might help a victim receive the appropriate medical care.

Bicycling and deadly injuries

A car might go through a stop sign and hit a bicycle, but the bicyclist might think they suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. Assuming the accident caused no harm could be a tragic mistake. When hit, a bicyclist could check their helmet and notice cracked plastic. If the impact proved hard enough to crack a durable bicycle helmet, the bicyclist might have a far worse injury than believed.

Moving to a safer location, such as the sidewalk, might be helpful for bicyclists hoping to avoid further harm. Remaining disoriented in the street may not be the best idea. Relying on self-assessments could be a disastrous strategy. Visiting an emergency room or urgent care center might lead to a thorough examination that may uncover internal injuries and other problems.

Issues with liability

Anyone who commits a moving violation or recklessly operates a car or another vehicle might be liable for injuries caused by a collision. Car accidents involving bicyclists often cause fatalities, opening doors to a potential wrongful death lawsuit.

Of course, a bicyclist might be the person at fault for an accident. Injury victims inside a car may sue the bicyclist for their losses. Interestingly, if the bicyclist has auto insurance coverage, the policy might cover the incident.

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