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The stress of a hit-and-run collision

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Car Accidents

Drivers involved in collisions have an obligation to remain at the scene. Not every one follows the law and may take off, and they risk facing criminal charges for the action. Victims hurt in a hit-and-run accident in Tennessee might wonder what to do. Certain steps may help in the aftermath.

Responding to a hit-and-run crisis

Anger over someone hitting a car and speeding away could leave the victim furious. Such fury might prompt the individual to get into their car and chase after the other vehicle. Such actions could lead to terrible consequences, as no one knows how the hit-and-run driver will react. Speeding after another car could lead to another accident as well. Calling the police and reporting the incident is the better response.

Such actions could come after making sure no one suffered any injuries. Anger over the actions of a hit-and-run driver may leave some forgetting about checking on themselves or others.

Perhaps snapping a picture of the fleeing vehicle’s license plate would help. Asking witnesses if they got the license plate may help as well.

Performing necessary duties

If no one requires immediate medical attention, getting contact information from witnesses and taking photographs of the accident scene could support an accident claim. Insurance claims and civil litigation require evidence, and these things may prove valuable. The same might be true about police reports that cover details about car accidents.

Also, even though it may seem that someone is not hurt, there could be internal injuries or other problems. Visiting an emergency room or urgent care after an accident appears wise. Medical records may serve as evidence as well.

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