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Safe winter driving practices

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

When winter arrives in Tennessee, road conditions might worsen. Snow and freezing rains could create risks, so motorists may need to adjust how they drive.

Staying safe on winter roads

Those concerned about ice and snow on the road might wish to have winter tires put on their cars. Poor traction might lead to an accident on a snowy road, so choosing more appropriate tires could be a plan. Requesting a pre-winter maintenance inspection may be helpful, too. If a car stalls due to an engine issue or another problem, drivers and passengers might be in danger.

Defensive driving skills are always valuable and could have even more worth during winter. Falling snow, erratic drivers and confusing circumstances create hazards. Drivers remaining on alert and ready may prevent accidents.

Perhaps choosing a better alternate route during inclement weather would be a good idea. Avoiding heavy traffic and roads known for weather-related troubles might lead to arriving at a destination safely.

Dangerous winter driving behaviors

Some behaviors could cause car crashes under any circumstances. In winter weather, these actions might cause even more dangers.

Speeding on icy or snow-covered surfaces presents the risk of sliding or drifting. The driver might lose control of the vehicle and hit a car, tree, or pedestrian. Since speeding is a moving violation, the driver could face a credible negligence claim for any injuries inflicted.

Distractions might cause a driver to divert attention away from the road and safe driving practices. Drinking a cup of hot coffee could be a regrettable mistake when one hand on the wheel is not enough to take control of the vehicle when needed. Rubbernecking and adjusting an infotainment display are two other troubling and distracting behaviors.

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