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Challenging a court decision through appeal

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Criminal Defense

After a verdict is given in court in Tennessee, you might not agree with the decision. You have the right to file an appeal in order for more evidence to be obtained and to try to put together a defense that includes more details.

Grounds for appealing

As part of the criminal law process, you can appeal a decision made by the court for one of many reasons. The jury instructions could have been confusing. There could have been inappropriate remarks or actions made by members of the court, such as your attorney or the prosecutor. Evidence associated with your case might not have been entered correctly or could have been left out altogether.

Initial process

When you have heard the final decision given by the judge or the jury, you can submit a request for an appeal. Your request is usually heard by three judges who will review the details of the trial and give a decision as to whether or not you can continue with the process. If you do not receive an answer that you believe is fair, then you can submit a claim to the Supreme Court in Tennessee. After receiving confirmation from the court, briefs and arguments are typically heard in court in order for a final decision to be made.

Serving a sentence

In some situations, you might be able to receive a stay of your sentence while your case goes through the appeals process. Keep in mind that there are some crimes that might not be eligible for a stay, such as murder or rape.

If you feel that the decision that you have received from your trial is incorrect or if there are more details that should have been provided, then an appeal is an option that is available.

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