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Is your divorce causing you stress?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Divorce

The decision to divorce is often difficult for Tennessee couples. But when attempts to save the marriage fail, it is possibly the best choice. No matter how you or your spouse feel about the situation, divorce can result in a great deal of stress. Here are signs that can mean you are suffering from it.

Unexplained physical health problems

Sudden and prolonged stress takes a toll on your health. Headaches, insomnia, appetite loss, weight gain and depression are common when you are facing the end of your marriage. You might occasionally experience these symptoms, but they can become more prominent during and after your divorce. Seek professional help to deal with issues concerning your physical well-being.

Social anxiety

You might feel uncomfortable sharing friends with your former spouse. Your friends might feel pressure to choose sides or family members might feel uncomfortable associating with you. These issues stress your social ties and affect how you deal with people. And as an adult, making new friends isn’t easy. If you develop social anxiety, contact a mental health professional for advice on self-care and treatment following a divorce.

Panic attacks

Feeling lost and afraid following a divorce is common. You’ve just undergone a drastic change that you probably never anticipated. Stressing about what’s next in your life can manifest in panic attacks. Although there’s no threat of physical danger, your fear of the unknown causes distress. Contact a mental health professional who can help you with this issue.

Dealing with divorce-related stress

The best way to ease divorce stress is to get the emotional or medical support you need. A therapist might help. Or perhaps you need an examination from a medical doctor. Now is the time to get excited about building a new life that’s brighter and better than ever before.

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