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Rutherford makes public statement after latest ruling

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Child Custody

Now that actress Kelly Rutherford was forced to return her children to Monaco and continue her quest to have the children permanently relocated to the United States, she has continued to give many interviews and public statements on the case. These have included publicly refusing to send the children back to Monaco, accusing the children’s father of parental alienation and giving interviews calling the court’s ruling “shocking” and “illegal.”

While no one really knows the truth in a custody battle other than the two parties involved, airing the case to the public and making disparaging statements about the courts and court officials only serves to make things worse. When considering the best interests of the children, judges often look at the parents’ ability to work with the other parent in a civil manner and coparent peacefully; evidence that shows the parent is adversarial or may disparage the other parent to the children may work against them.

While not many parents dealing with custody issues have the opportunity to present their cases as vocally or as extensively to the news media as Rutherford has been able to do, it’s important to understand that any public discussions of your case can negatively affect your situation and possibly hurt your children in the future.

Parents who are fighting over custody of their children often have less than positive sentiments about each other, but it’s important to keep the future in mind. Eventually, the children grow up and things settle down, and it’s best for everyone involved if the interactions with parents as well as any public discussions about the case are kept as civil and child-focused as possible.

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