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Making the decision to divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2016 | Alimony

While it may seem like a strange concept to plan your divorce, it’s a smart idea. It can be tempting to try to get the process over with as soon as possible so you can move on, but there are many different facets to a divorce. Overlooking or failing to address an issue now could have devastating effects in the future. When you talk with an attorney, he or she can help you understand the laws and your rights and how you can protect your best interests by being proactive during the divorce process.

When you make the decision to divorce, it’s common to focus on the issues of property division and child custody, if there are children involved. However, this means that other factors, such as alimony, can be overlooked. Many people don’t have a clear understanding of how the Tennessee guidelines for alimony work or whether this will come into play in their situation.

It’s not uncommon for someone going through a divorce to get blindsided by an issue or accusations during the trial. By talking with an attorney as early as possible in the process — even before you make the final decision to pursue a divorce — you can ensure you are as prepared as possible and are moving forward with the full knowledge of your options and the positives and negatives for each.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Jones, we know that the decision to divorce is often a difficult one. We strive to put our resources to best use in your case, so you can feel confident throughout the process and as you move forward with your life.

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