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Divorce issues encompass more than just ending the marriage

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Divorce

When you decide that your marriage is over, you are usually ready to file for a divorce. While you might think that right that second is the best time to file for a divorce, there are sometimes other considerations that you must take into account. We know that you are probably ready to just get things over with so you can start your life anew. We will help you learn about some considerations that might play a part in when and how you divorce your spouse.

One thing that is important is the timing of your divorce. Some divorce, such as those involving domestic violence, should be handled swiftly. Other divorces might need to wait for a little bit. While timing isn’t an issue for all divorces, it can play a bit part in others.

Some examples would include if you are close to qualifying for the 20/20/20 benefits resulting from a military divorce or if your spouse is due to get a big bonus soon. Another example would be if you want to let your child finish out the school year before springing a divorce on him or her. In these cases, delaying your filing might not be your first choice, but it could prove to be the smart choice.

It is easy to let your emotions rule when you are ready to end your marriage. We can help you evaluate the situation to determine how you should handle various aspects of the divorce. We work with you to keep the ultimate goal of starting your life over at the heart of the matter so that you can start that life off on the best foot possible.

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