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Timing matters when you are going to file for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Divorce

Deciding that you are leaving your spouse is a huge decision. It is imperative that you don’t take the decision lightly. Once you decide that you are ready to call it quits, you have to decide when you are going to take the necessary steps to end the marriage. There are a host of factors that come into the picture that can affect the timing of a divorce. You should make sure that you carefully consider each point to determine if it is the financial aspect of the divorce. You have to think about whether you have enough money or income to become fully independent or not. If the answer is no, you might need to delay the divorce filing so that you have the opportunity to save more money. You also have to think about the assets and debts that you have. We can help you to discover if your soon-to-be ex is hiding financial information from you that could affect the divorce.

Another point to consider is the children. If your children are in school, you should determine how your divorce will affect them. If you will move, the children might have to switch schools. Even if you don’t have to move, there is a chance that the divorce-related stress will affect your child’s academic life. We can help you to learn about how various child custody aspects might be affected by the timing of your divorce.

A third factor is income. If your spouse has a large bonus or similar payment coming soon, you might want to hold off on the divorce. No matter what circumstances are present, we can help you to learn if your timing for a divorce is where it needs to be.

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